Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a mural cost?

Mural pricing is based on two things. Size and complexity. The range is between $15 and $35 a square foot with a $500 minimum. 

Things that factor the price… What kind of design do you want? A soft, monochromatic mural will cost less than a full color one.  A cartoon style mural will cost less than a more realistic one.  Is it indoors or out? Do we need to rent special equipment to install it? Do we have to work overnight?

That’s why it’s important for us to meet with you and discuss your needs.


How much is faux finishing?

This is impossible to answer without meeting the client and seeing the space.  Once we’ve discussed what you’re looking to get done, we’ll make a couple samples and give you a price at that time. 



What kind of materials do you use?

We use the highest quality paint on the market, for the project we’re doing. Usually Benjamin Moore products and Golden Artist Colors. We also clear coat all of our murals with a UV resistant, washable product. 


Are you hiring artists?

We don’t do the kind of high volume business to keep anyone on payroll. However, we do occasionally bring on someone for big jobs. If you think your style of painting is close to MJ’s, feel free to email us a portfolio.


Do you travel outside of the area?

We will travel outside of the area. Keep in mind, the cost of travel and lodging will be added to your final cost.


Will you work with a designer?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, most of our jobs come from designers for their clients. We also work closely with builders on remodels and new homes doing faux finishes.