Canvas Art Portfolio

Stand alone pieces that can be hung on a wall.  I also do commissioned work. 

I’ve recently started building my own canvases. I’m very particular about the quality and stretch of my pieces. You can see the process at the bottom of this page. 

Custom Build Canvases

Below are some photos of the process of building a custom canvas for a commissioned piece.

I start with high grade polished pine. Route the edges so the fabric isn’t stressed over a sharp angle. Then glue up pieces to make an “L” shape, before cutting them to size. The cut pieces are then framed up and supports added where needed. When the frame is built I sand the whole thing for a smooth finish before stretching the canvas over it. 

Each canvas get at least 3 coats of Gesso/Primer, with sanding in between coats. This process leaves me a smooth, tight surface to paint on. It also insure that the work will last for a very, very long time. 

This is the finished product