About Pop Art Murals


We are a family art business, operating out of South Eastern Virginia.

I studied art in college and took a formal tattoo apprenticeship in Michigan. I’ve been doing large scale paintings on walls since I was a teenager. I got my first paying gig almost 20 years ago. I started faux finishing in 2011 with Old World Artists. In fact, the owner, Joel, is my brother. I still work with him on occasion.

I love to test the bounds of paint, resin and plaster. If I’m not on a job site, you can find me in the shop experimenting,  building canvases or painting them. 

I don’t sign my canvases on the front. I think it takes away from the art, and it’s sort of narcissistic.  I don’t call myself an artist. I’m a painter. Fortunately for me, people seem to like what I do, and I can make a living doing what I love.


My husband is the business manager and IT guru. He also likes to play with paint. Quite often we sit side by side at the work table painting things, mixing resin  and making a mess.

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